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Skin Care

7 Mistakes Ladies Make With Their Underwear

Most of the time, the underwear we wear can make or break our health. Eight mistakes we make when we choose underwear and how we wear it:

1. Tight underwear can be bad for your skin and vagina, especially after menopause, when vaginal walls tend to get thinner.

2. Tight underwear can make you look bad. If you wear underwear that is very tight and 'climbed', this can cause problems with blood flow. This problem can also cause numbness in the limbs.

3. Silk and synthetic fabrics: They say that as long as the crotch is covered in cotton, you can choose any material you want, as long as it fits. Most of the clothes that came before let the body breathe. As long as cotton is protecting the vaginal area, you can choose the underwear that you want to wear.

4. There are some experts who say that if you have very sensitive skin, don't wear synthetic fabrics. Silk should only be worn on special occasions.They also aren't able to let the body "breathe," which encourages the growth of germs.

5. Wearing underwear can cause infections and irritations in the organ. If this is the case, don't wear underwear. They're great at getting bacteria from one place to another, front to back and back again. In other words, if they haven't caused you trouble in the past, keep using them.

6. At night, it's a matter of taste whether or not you wear underwear. But it's true that if you don't wear underwear at night, your body can "breathe."

7. It's important to change your underwear every day if you sweat a lot. Bacteria can thrive in a warm, wet environment.

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