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Zozibini's Old Pictures Revealed

1 October 2021

Report by T Ximba

We all started somewhere before we become whole are. We were not who we are today, the physical appearance might not change but economically, the status we hold in society is something that was once an imagination.

Before the sharing of Zozibini's old pictures please note that the article is meant to inspire everyone who thinks that their past is holding them back. We perceive life differently and have different views opinions about life.

It is quite unfortunate that some people believe they are not born to be something and if you know someone with that perspective or you believe in that then take a deep breath and look at these old pictures of Zozibini.

Zozibini is a young, vibrant model and beauty pageant from a small village called Tsolo situated in the Eastern Cape. Zozi has crowned Miss South Africa in 2019 and later Miss Universe.

Zozi outside her job is a person just like you and me. She once had a dream to be who she is today.

The following are some of the pictures of Zozibini before she became the holder of Miss Universe.

Zozibini is proud of how she was in most of the interviews she shares that she was born in a family where they rotated with cooking. This is popular in working-class communities as the families may not afford to have a personalized assistant. Zozi shared a picture of her cooking.

The model won the heart of many people as people were inspired by how she is not afraid of her background. Even though Zozi is not from a disadvantaged home as her mother is the principal she is from a village where people have a lack of resources. This mostly limits people from opportunities as they do not have access to the internet which is something of paramount importance these days. We all know that life is difficult when there is no data.

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