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5 Things In Unusual Colors That Left Us Stunned Part One

We've grown accustomed to seeing the world in a particular way; so much so, that it's oftentimes become boring. But you probably didn't realize that, just like people, animals of a single species also come in an incredible variety of shapes, sizes, and, you probably guessed it, colors as well. These animals are so stunningly beautiful and alarmingly colorful that most people probably didn't even know what they were looking at! Take a look at this list, and see which unusual colored animal is your favorite.

1. The Lucky Golden Mouse

Goldilocks, is that you? She tried Garnier Fructis shampoo for added volume and shine, and it worked wonders to bring life back to her hair. When Ron was trying to turn his rat yellow in Harry Potter, he was trying to achieve this, but we all know it didn't turn out the way he hoped.

We would love to know where she got her hair done because it looks fabulous. This is a satin texel mouse; therefore, the satin gene makes them shiny, and the texel gives them long curly hair. They can be any color, and there are ones that look silver too. 

2. Meet Narnia, A Rare Two-Faced Cat

Don't tell Narnia your secrets because she is two-faced and will spread rumors behind your back. Okay, so she might just have two different fur colors, but cats aren't the most trustworthy anyways, so you shouldn't tell her anything private regardless. 

We wonder if any of her siblings had the same color pattern. It would be even more fascinating to see one where the split color goes down their back so that their entire body is two different colors. Split-dyed hair is on-trend right now, so this cat is with today's fashion. 

3. Blue Bananas Look Like Something You Would Find In An Art Museum

While these look like something you would find at Art Basel, they are blue java bananas that have an ice-cream-like consistency and taste like vanilla. The blue indicates that they aren't ripe enough to eat yet. They turn yellow when they are ripened like regular bananas. 

They originated in South East Asia and spread to Fiji, Hawaii, the Philippines, and Central America. We love bananas, and this version sounds even better than the ones we are used to. Some people will say it's photoshop, but that's because they haven't yet had a bit of these delicious treats. 

4. White Chocolate Moose

Chocolate mousse is delicious, but have you ever had white chocolate mousse? It looks like someone released their moose Patronus during the day, and it's going to scare away the dementors. This albino moose is quite rare, and people would probably try to hunt it for a trophy. 

She is tip-toeing across the road, so no one notices her out in the open. There should be a special national reserve for these animals where hunters can't kill them since they are so rare. 

5. It Officially Answers The Question, "Are Zebras Black With White Stripes Or White With Black Stripes?"

Have you ever wondered if a Zebra was black with white stripes or white with black stripes? Well, they are a very dark brown if you look closely, but this baby zebra has answered the stripe question. We can officially say that Zebras are brown with white stripes. 

This baby was born with polka dots instead of stripes because he didn't want to look like the other Zebras. Wouldn't it get noticed by predators easily without stripes? We hope their mom can protect him since people will probably want this special Zebra hair.


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