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Skin Care

REVEALED| Do this of you want a perfectly flawless and glowing skin like a model

REVEALED| Do this of you want a perfectly flawless and glowing skin like a model

I have just the thing for you. Here are the steps to get flawless and glowing skin like a model:

  1. Hire a skilled makeup artist that will make your skin look poreless and perfect.
  2. After that, hire a skilled photographer that will photograph you in the most flattering light possible.
  3. And to top it off, ask the photographer or another professional to photoshop your skin, so any flaw the light and makeup didn’t cover already will be digitally removed from your face.

That’s it! Now your skin is flawless.

Ok, that was obviously satire…but the message I want to convey is serious.

Of course models take really good care of their skin since they need to for a living, but no, they don’t have “flawless” skin. Plenty of models have acne, acne scars, large pores, textured skin, or just the usual pimple, fine lines, etc.

Models are human beings. Their skin is subjected to biology rules just like that of everybody else. The perfection you see in photos and even videos is an illusion.

Of course we can try our best, and some people are just blessed with really nice skin naturally -genetics do play a big part. But nobody has perfect, flawless skin. That’s simply not possible.

If you read this article it’s because you wanted tips and advice, not just to be told what you want to achieve isn’t possible.

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