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Latest News: Shudufhadzo Musida departs to Puerto Rico for Miss World beauty pageant.

Shudu flies the South African flag high


Sources: News24 Twitter page

Shudufhadzo Musida has departed to Puerto Rico today for the Miss world beauty pageant. Shudu Musida won the Miss South Africa pageant in 2020 and she has done wonderful things throughout her journey, she has written a book and about herself when she was still going up on how people use to treat her. Her book has been doing great and it is one of the top books to be read in South Africa currently. Shudu is a very beautiful woman and she will definitely win for all the South Africans.

Shudufhadzo Musida has done incredibly since she won the Miss South Africa pageant, she is inspiring to many women out there in South Africa about staying natural and be true to one self. Shudufhadzo believes that if a woman wants to be more prettier they should just go with their natural look, that way they will build more self confidence to their looks and the way they feel on the inside. Since her journey of being Miss South Africa has started she has ups and downs where she was being bullied on the social media.

Shudu is one of the strongest women in South Africa, no matter how much she has been bullied she never thought of giving up on her dreams. Now everyone in South Africa will be cheering for her while she is on the big stage in Puerto Rico, while representing her beloved country of South Africa. In my opinion i believe in her that she will definitely win, because she knows what she wants. She also knows what she is capable of as a black woman of South Africa. With all the support she is getting from the poeple of South Africa she can win the pageant.

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