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You can become anything you aspire to become

Will brews reality, anything you aspire to become you can become, all that is required of you is courage, enthusiasm and a go getter attitude. Today we come across yet another aspiring fashion model by the name of Carol Novela, a seventeen years old fashion model born and bred in Malamulele Township in the Limpopo province.I

"I've always loved fashion, dressing up and standing in front of the mirror or camera. Growing up I've always seen myself as a model and I believe that if given a chance I could take the Fashion industry by storm. As part of my initiative of becoming another successful fashion model I have mapped out an idea of how I want to introduce and build myself as a brand, firstly I'll approach fashion designers and offer myself to them as an ambassador that way I believe I'll be building a reputation for myself as well as the fashion designers I'll be working with. I chose this stragety because I figured out that we are all upcoming and can't afford commercial models and so to close the gap I will offer myself as I build my portfolio and prepare myself for the commercial world too".

"I remember when I was in primary (foundation phase) I'd wear my Aunt's heels, wear her dresses and style them my own way, put her lipsticks on and then start walking round around the room. Looking at myself in the mirror as if knew what I was doing. When I was doing grade 4 I started doing poetry, dancing and modelling at school. I'd choose to model for a casual category during the competition and I'd choose outfits I was supposed to wear. It is because of that undying love for Fashion.

As much as we all know challenges are natural, obstacles are are a necessity as they help us grow and become better versions of who we are, Ms Nobela shares a few of her challenges and motivations. "Sometimes l feel less motivated and discouraged. I've been getting mean texts from random contacts saying that I'm not skinny as a model should be. But hey, who says you have to be skinny to be a model? But I'll be anything I want to be and I'll sqeeze everything I want out of this life. What truly motivates me is seeing girls my age follow their their hearts and do anything and everything they want to do regardless of the community's negative comments pulling them down. I've never seen or heard of a chubby girl doing modelling. Why? Because they fear stigma, I want to be the first to set a standard in the fashion modeling industry".

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