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Meet The first ever albino to compete for the title of the Most Beautiful Girl (Photos).

Photos source: Instagram


The competition, dubbed "The Most Beautiful Girl in Nigeria," attracts women from around the country and has the honor of sending two delegates to the world's most famous beauty pageants, Miss World and Miss Universe. 

In reality, Agbani Darego, who won Miss World at the age of 19 in 2001, is the only Nigerian to have ever won a pageant. 

The photo was taken by Instagram. 

Vivan Atinuke Adenijo is a Grammy Award-winning vixen who has been in various music videos in the entertainment sector, in addition to becoming the first Albino to compete in the Most Beautiful Girl in Nigeria beauty pageant. "Brown Skin Girls," the video that won her the label of Grammy vixen, went on to win the best music video prize at this year's Grammy Awards. 

The photo was taken by Instagram. 

She will be representing her home state of Osun in the beauty contest. 

The photo was taken by Instagram. 

It May Be of Interest to You 

Although she promotes against discrimination against Albinism in one of her Instagram posts, she believes that accepting yourself first is the first step in wanting to be accepted by others. 

According to her, accepting yourself first is the first step towards wanting to be appreciated by others. 

The photo was taken by Instagram. 

It has been decided who is the most gorgeous girl. She will be the first Albino woman to compete in the most beautiful girl in Nigeria competition, having been accepted into a Nigerian organization that promotes diversity, and she will serve as an inspiration for other ladies who have been discriminated against in future pageants due to their albinism. 

The photo was taken by Instagram. 

Although some on social media have chastised her for competing, I don't think there's anything wrong with it because many beauty standards force certain women to go to extremes just to fit in. 

I've witnessed an instance when an albino woman had to color her hair and go to great lengths to enter a beauty contest, only to be caught and embarrassed later; we need to start welcoming all women. 

Is it more likely that she will win the competition or finish in the top five? Please leave your ideas in the section below.

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