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She has been turned into a laughing stock on Social media after revealing her age

There are those people who seem younger than their ages, and there are also those who seem older than their ages. As people we must understand that our bodies developments differ from one another.

As I was busy scrolling into Twitter feeds, I bumped into this other post where by they've shared a picture of a lady celebrating her 21st birthday. She was holding those big number balloons wearing white dress and heels. The person who shared the the picture tweeted: "Happy birthday to Bontle❤💕finally 21".

Almost everyone was surprised by her turning 21 year of age whereas she looks older than that. No offense but she really does look older, and the comments from people were like: "no ways! She can't be 21 years", "If she is 21 then I'm 10 years", "Guys what are you all eating??? At 21 you are suppose to look like you are still in high school...". Anyway check out some of the comments below:

This article is not meant to offend or disrespect anyone, it's actually against body shaming. This lady didn't make herself to look older like this, it's her nature and nobody or nothing could stop her from growing like this.

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