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South Africans celebrate Lalela Mswane winning Miss SA title for 2021

South Africans celebrate Lalela Mswane winning Miss SA title for 2021

While you're here, please follow me!

Miss SA is thee platform to place women on a pedestal and give them a platform of influence over issues surrounding our country! All of the contestants were capable young women who will definitely make waves, even without the title itself!

The top 5 were Bianca Bezuidenhout, Jeanni Mulder, Lalela Mswane, Moratwe Masima and Zimi Mabunzi. Many viewers were disappointed that Kgothatso Dithebe was not in the top 5. Others attributed her absence from top 5 with being over-hyped on social media. The fact that she went back to try her luck the second time made other viewers feel that she should have been given a chance to proceed to top 5 for her fighting spirit!

The number was reduced to top 3 when Bianca Bezuidenhout and Jeanni Mulder were eliminated. This erupted debate on social media since claims were made that the show is slowly turning into Miss Black SA. However, I feel that the claims are unfounded because out of the top 5, the three ladies are the ones who were able to best articulate themselves as well as answer the questions posed to them sufficiently. To reduce their brilliance to their race is what is racist because after all, they were deserving of the positions!

In the end, Lalela Mswane took the title of Miss SA 2021! From the way she spoke and articulated herself, the title rests on stable shoulders that will represent us with pride! Congratulations to the queen in her reign and may she fulfil all that she used to campaign for her win!

Congratulations beautiful!! You are so deserving of this! ✨✨🔥🔥👑👑@Lalela_lali #MissSA2021 @AndaManeli

Congratulations to Lalela I've been rooting for her from the very beginning😭😭😭❤❤❤❤❤❤ I'm sooo Happy #MissSA2021

Congratulations to Lalela Mswane for being crowned Miss South Africa 2021😍😍👑 #MissSA2021

White and coloured women should stop entering because the contest is obviously rigged for the majority. I'm sorry they did this to you beautiful queens #MissSA2021

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