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MphoWaBadimo launches skin brand called Wabadimo Skincare

Mphowabadimo is the winner of Big Brother Mzansi season 3. This feels important to mention because she had achieved so much in the tim since she's left the house. She's been so busy from project to project that it's quite impressive.

She has now decided to wow fans with the launch of her skincare brand.

The past week alone Mpho has announced her collaboration with Siko Republik and was stunning in all the pictures! She has now launched her own skin care, Wabadimo Skincare. It is quite the feat for the sangoma and marks her first venture into entrepreneurship.

She took to her Twitter to share the news and wrote, "ALLOW ME TO INTRODUCE TO YOU WABADIMO SKINCARE . 🤍#WabadimoSkincare" It was news that was quite well received and it made complete business sense to me. She has beautiful skin herself and obviously people will be drawn to her brand for that reason.

Her fans were excited about this news and took to Twitter to celebrate her once again.

One user wrote, "Before the house she already had skin care products that's what I love most @MPHOWABADIMO22 #WabadimoSkincare"

While another user wrote, "I'm so ready to place my order 💃💃#WabadimoSkinCare 🚀🚀"

A final user wrote, "Congratulations to you SKINCARE I'm proud of you keep shining you are Who you think you are the Queen."

This is obviously such a huge undertaking and I'm glad that she decided to pace herself before going through with it. This year, the BBMzansi housemates have had unprecedented success in their ventures. I think this is because of how social media has changed and the influence of Big Brother Naija. I'm glad all of them are venturing successfully into pursuing their dreams.

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images📸 courtesy of Instagram

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