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Moruti Gucci from Limpopo left people in disbelief from his bedroom and fashion

Many people were surprised when Moruti Gucci's bedroom appeared to be decked up in designer clothing. As his moniker implies, while he is out on the streets, people assume he has a bedroom that is just as stylish as he appears to be. 


Gucci-wearing people are expected to live in luxury homes since they are viewed as having a high-rolling lifestyle. It's suspect, and no one has ever seen him in the company of his friends, who are often bragging about their expensive wardrobes. They're not, however, revealing their origins. 

Thwadi is one of the people who has shared his lifestyle and vehicles with the world through his social media accounts. Everyone else's wake-up location is a mystery, but despite the fact that they aren't disclosing it, their street persona suggests that they are wealthy. 


When you meet him, he will always bring up fashion as a topic of conversation. People will stop talking about pricey clothes when they are no longer trending on social media like they were when the movement started and others will seize the spotlight. 

While some criticize his lifestyle, he continues to be who he is and now he is being recognized to the point of receiving an award for the positive impact he is having on people's lives. The fact that he was earning an award for simply wearing nice clothes on the streets meant he wasn't going to stop any time soon.


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Gucci-wearing Limpopo Moruti Gucci Thwadi


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