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Skin Care

If you have ever killed an earthworm with salt, please read this.

Earthworms have sacred skin and keep the skin moist all the time, which is very crucial for the survival of an earthworm as the respiration is through the moist skin due to the absence of an organ. respiratory.

 The oxygen dissolves on the mucus and then it is carried through the circulatory system to the cells, so it is very important that the skin is moist at all times, otherwise the earthworm could die of suffocation.

 This happens when you pour salt on an earthworm, because the salt is hygroscopic, when it is sprinkled on the earthworm, it absorbs all the moisture from the skin, making it dry and as a result, it does not more moisture remains for repair and he suffers from suffocation.

 Now, anyone reading this would have discovered that in some or all of this pain you have inflicted pain on an innocent animal that never meant to hurt.

 Please stop killing them if you still do.

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