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Skin Care

Easiest way to move pimples

Pimples are small red numbers with white tips at the end. They build up in the skin where there's too much oil and bacteria ,such as face ,neck ,back of shoulders.

The easiest way to keep your face without pimples is to keep your skin dry and stop touching it because when you touch it you are spreading more germs and bacteria so that will cause pimples .

Lemon scrub is the most common and affordable way to move and take care of your skin. In this way you use lemon,honey and sugar. Rub it in your skin and stay with it for about 15 minutes or even more.

Wash your skin two times a day to just move the bacteria of your skin and make sure you stay hydrated because your skin cells needs too much water more than you can ever think, so I suggest you drink about 7-8 cups a day .This should helps.

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