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Ugliest shoes designs that should have never reached the stores

We know that fashion is always evolving and everyday there are new designs on the market. Designers are all aways creative coming up with new designs so that we can always have something to look out for. However there are some of the designs that you would ask yourself what really happened when they were busy with making the designs because it just does not make any sense. Some of these designs will just make you laugh if not cry.

In this article today we are focusing on the most ugliest shoe design that has ever being created in this world we live in. As you go through the pictures, you will find yourself confused as to what was the point of designing such shoes. We know that some of them are made just for fashion shows but not nessessarly that they should be worn. They were not even supposed to reach the stores but they did anyway, and this is the reason we find ourselves having to share them with you.

How are you even supposed to wear this kind of a shoes? It looks nice but it is just not practical.

It is summer time. Anyone who is looking for sandals, here is one that will make you unique.

crocodile high heels, are you ready for them?

This one will kick buds and that's for sure.

This is a nightmare kind of shoes.

Umberela shoes that can't even protect your feet from the rain. How convinient?

This one is a horse/gun shoes that does not make any sense but maybe it does to the person wearing it and the person who designed it.

Another gun shoes. This is more like pocket gum shoes.

This design is not tok bad but the fact that this it is wood, I doubt there is any comfortability.

I think that I might try this one out. It does not look too hectic.

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