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See why rice water can make your hair grow faster

Rice water can make your hair grow faster

Rice water is starch water which has been left over after cooking rice or after soaking rice. Rice water can make your hair grow faster, it will leave your hair smooth and will give your hair volume. Rice water adds strength to your hair.  

Rice water has been used for centuries in southeast Asia, in China and Japan. Rice water is said to be a good source of hair treatment. Which provides hair with Vitamins and the mineral contained in rice includes amino acids, vitamin B, Vitamin E, minerals, antioxidants

According to news today (Women in the Heian period in Japan kept hair to the floor length. Their hair is said to be healthy just by washing it in rice water. A modern day equivalent of this story can be found in China. The Yao women, who live in a village called Huang luo in China are famed for having hair that is average to feet long. In addition to it's incredible length,  the Yao women's hair is said to keep its color for longer as they Do not begin to get gray hair until they reach their 80s.

The Yao women credit the length of their hair and the color of their hair to the fact that they wash their hair in rice water.

Some claim fermented rice water has more benefits than plain rice water

According to a 2012 study fermented substance have a higher amount of toxicants antioxidants may combat hair and skin cells damage typical ingredients in beauty

How to use rice water.

Soak rice in water overnight.  Separate water from rice, wash your hair thoroughly with shampoo, take rice water, apply it to your hair, and leave rice water in your hair for 30 minutes or longer. Rinse hair and pat dry, use condition for two to five minutes rinse through add moisturiser and comb.

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