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What He Ordered VS What He Got || See What He Received After Buying Outfit Online

Date : 10 October 2021

Online buying is one of the things that are becoming normal these days. When shopping stores introduced the platform of buying things online it made the lives of customers easier. It saves people from being involved in long ques and also save their time for going to malls to buy clothing items. It gets simpler when people just get a call or message to collect their items. Just taking your cellphone or any device like laptop you can be able to save your time of going to shopping malls.

However there are people who strongly prefer to buy things physically at the store. They say it helps them to consider a lot of things before buying anything. It gives them a chance to choose from variety of things. Those people strongly support that people should buy items physically at the store. The problem with online shopping is that it gets to dissapoint customers a lot because on pictures items look stunning and beautiful than in real life. This is because they edit pictures and make it look more nicer than it really is. This has left many people in dissapointment as they get things that were not on their expectations.

Today let's talk about the man who was left speechless and in shock after buying an outfit online for his daughter. Twitter user by the handle " sir given" took it to Twitter to the world what he got after buying an outfit for his daughter from Shein. Shein is one of the stores that is used by millions of people. It is known for having nice and stunning items that are hardly found in some stores. Pictures on their social media page always makes customers to be tempted to buy clothes from them.

Sir Given was left in shock as he received something that he was not expecting. It turns out that the outfit he bought for his daughter does not really look the way it is on picture. He made a tweet " Shein is starting to be a problem" and urged people to stop buying things from Shein without proper checking because they will be disappointed . There are people who say that they will never buy Clothes from Shein ever again because mostly they end up being dissapointed. What's your take about this?


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