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Look at the beauty that Mzansi has to offer to the world: Opinion

South African women are created differently. I don't know whether it is because of the weather that is within our country, because other African countries are very hot, the weather is just unbearable. It can make a lighter person to look very dark, but here in South Africa, most of the time the weather is cool.

We do have places here and there that are hot, but most of the places the weather is just the average, and also could be the issue of access to make up materials or beauty products.

Most beauty shop would not be interested to open in other African countries considering the economy that it is very down. So a lot of companies would feel that they will not make much profit. People come with business opportunities here in South Africa looking at the value of Rannt and also the inter mixing of people, makes South Africa to have children that are interracial and as you can see the lightness of most of our kids look coloured. This also could be the other reason, but all in all South African woman are beautiful, because of access to beauty products.

Most the Zimbabwean ladies that are coming here, the moment they start to make money, they look almost like the South African women because of the same access.

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