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If She's Not Wearing A Bra, This Is What It Means

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What happens if you don't wear a bra anymore?

While a beautiful bra can provide fantastic fit and shape on certain days, on others, bras can stab you and cause discomfort. In reality, multiple studies have found that wearing a bra isn't necessary physically, anatomically, or psychologically, and that it doesn't help your health in any significant way (i.e., keep your breasts young and healthy). They might not be the most comfortable, depending on the type of cloth they're constructed of.

While going bra-less is a personal choice, there are long-term consequences that occur when you quit wearing one (apart from all the money you will be saving). Allow us to enlighten you:

1. Helps to improve skin health

When you go braless, you won't have to worry about redness or the straps clawing into your skin, which is a common occurrence when you wear a bra (especially a wired one) for long periods of time. The skin and tissues around the boobs are relieved of pressure when you don't wear a bra. It also helps to reduce the likelihood of bacteria and germs clinging to the skin with the cloth, which is especially important in the summer or humid weather.

2. Allows you to unwind

Not having to wear a bra allows for more relaxation, which is one of the reasons why women who want to go braless describe it as freeing.

Without a substantially padded fabric, the breasts learn to adjust organically and are freer to achieve a natural lift and growth, according to science.

3. The breasts don't sag.

Newer research, contrary to popular belief, claim that not wearing a bra reduces rather than promotes breast sagging. Breasts appear perkier and the drooping process slows down when excess muscle tissue is not confined in the bra. According to a 2017 study, women who did not wear a bra had "fuller" breasts than those who did.

While further research is needed, it is possible that not wearing a bra promotes breast growth.

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