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The dos and don’ts of washing bras

We all have that one, favorite, go-to brassiere, whether it's a lacy number that makes you feel glamorous and ready to take on the world or a plain Jane T-shirt bra that gets you through a busy day in comfort. Follow these dos and don'ts of hand-washing bras to get the most out of your delicates and give them the special treatment they deserve.

Start with a deep soak

Begin with a long soak. Add a moderate laundry detergent for delicates or hand washing to a sink, basin, or tub filled with warm (not hot) water. Before putting your bras in the water, sort them into bright, darks, and colors, and make sure the clasps are fastened. Clasps that aren't fastened properly can catch on lacey portions and create tears. Allow for up to an hour of soak time.

Massage, don’t scrub

Massage rather than scrub Wash each bra separately by continuously pressing the bra into the water to produce bubbles - this will take care of a lot of the cleaning for you. By carefully massaging the entire bra with the detergent, you'll be able to get the most out of it. Scrubbing the fragile cloth may cause it to break down. To ensure that any sweat stains are removed, pay special attention to the bottom of the cups and the portions that sit under your armpits. Make sure you don't bend the underwire.

Rinse and squeeze

Squeeze and rinse Drain the water from the sink or bowl and replace it with fresh, cold water. Allow the bras to rise to the top of the dish by pushing them to the bottom. Rep the process numerous times. To avoid harming the bra shape or underwire, gently compress each bra to remove excess water and realign the cups if necessary (do not twist or scrunch).

Drape to dry

Allow to air dry. Tumble dryers are a no-no when it comes to delicates. The bra may become distorted as a result of the machine's strong activity, and the heat will set the bra into that new shape. Instead of hanging them by the straps, drape the central piece of the bra over the laundry line or clotheshorse to avoid droopy bra straps.


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