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If She Is Wearing This Underwear, This Is What It Means

Source: (Panties And Personality: What Your Underwear Choice Says About You)

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A girl's underwear is a secret she keeps to herself and the guy she's with. It's a secret identity she keeps hidden behind her garments, a component of her feminine mystique she keeps hidden from the public eye.

The kind of pants a lady wears has a lot to do with her personal style. You might be able to figure out what kind of underwear she's wearing beneath her dress, or perhaps she's not wearing anything at all.

What a woman wears beneath her outerwear reveals a lot about her personality. Every girl's panty preference, whether she prefers comfort to sexiness or cotton to lace, reveals a lot about the woman she is.

You can bet her pants represent her personal mantras as well as her objectives, whether she's a go-getter or a laid-back type of woman.

So, what does your choice of underwear reveal about your character?

1. Shorts for Boys

You're a sporty lady with a fantastic backside. Nothing beats a pair of cheek hanging out the rear of a pair of flirtatious boy shorts for cuteness. You're the type of girl that dresses for herself and has a laid-back, carefree style.

You're the kind of woman people go to for guidance, someone who can lead a group with ease. You're creative and charismatic, but you're also outgoing and approachable.

2. Thong

You're nasty. There isn't any doubt about that. The Alpha Female, the pack's leader, always wears a thong. You don't take crap from anyone.

You might be a bit (read: a lot) intimidating, but no one can deny you're a badass.

3. Bikini

You like clean lines but also want to be as comfortable as possible during your long workday.

People may accuse you of being lazy, but this is not the case. You're just laid-back and prefer to spend your time being yourself.

4. Granny Undies

You have two qualities that make you liked and awesome: First, you prefer to be comfy and don't give a damn what other people say about your underwear selections; second, you're absolutely eccentric and don't mind it.

5. G-String

You're a hot mama who's not afraid to flaunt it. You're a sexually liberated woman who follows her own path.

You prefer the company of men to that of women, having always felt more at ease in the male species because guys put you at rest.

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