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Young girl shared a new fashion trend on social media and left Mzansi in shock

New fashion trends are created when people decide to try something different with the clothes they already have and then people get to determine if it is beautiful and start following it.

A lot of fashion trends are started by celebrities and social media influencers as these have direct access to designers. The rest of the world world then chose to look for the same outfit that their favourite celerity wore.

A certain girl and her friend decide to start a new fashion trend and posted it on social media so that she could get the reaction of people. This however went sideways when people cold not believe what she was wearing. She wore an nice cropped top with nice leggings but then decided to put her pant on top of the leggings.

Her friend in the other picture also did the same and people could not help but laugh. Not only did it look funny, the whole outfit was rather ridiculous because no one in their right state of mind would prefer to walk around with their pants showing to the whole world.

''New style alert, who wore it better?" asked the girl after she had posted the pictures. She also threatened to block everyone who was going to laugh at her new fashion sense. She was of the idea that anyone can start their own fashion trend and it odes not have to make sense to anyone. She was also hoping that after posting her pictures some designers would notice and perhaps recreate her work so she can take the credit.

Many people on social media felt like the trend was to much for them were were not willing to try it out. Please share your opinions in the comment section below as to whether you would wear something like this in public.

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