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4 Women Who Spoiled Their Faces With Surgery

These three women believed they wanted to alter their natural facial features, so they underwent a series of procedures to make that happen. As a result of this procedure, I'll call it "severe surgery.

There are numerous reasons why people elect to undergo cosmetic surgery on either their bodies or faces. This article will examine the motivations of these three women.

Cosmetic operations, cosmetic surgeries, plastic surgeries, liposuction, and other procedures are performed because some people believe they have the right to change their appearance if they are unhappy with it.

It was a pleasure working with these four women, and they were well-rewarded for their efforts. As you can see below, four women were subjected to extensive surgical procedures.

1. Mioku Hang

In Hang Mioku's case, she became so enamored with plastic surgery that her extreme procedures rendered her unrecognizably altered. In her obsession, she began smearing cooking oil all over her body. After her first plastic surgery at the age of 28, she continued to have them done.

Her plastic surgeon decided to stop working with her because the surgery had made her face far too wide. Even after her surgeon stopped caring for her, Hang Mioku was unable to control her fixation, and she injected cooking oil into her face, causing her face to swell out of proportion.

2. Anastasia Pokreshchuk

An injection of hyaluronic acid cost Anastasia Pokreshchuk, a Ukrainian model in her 30s, more than £1,000. Anastasia's addiction is to cheek fillers, not needles like in the previous case.

It was revealed that the instagram-famous Ukrainian model loves injecting cheek fillers herself. After seeing the results of the injections, she said she was in love with her cheeks. Anastasia, despite her outlandish appearance, clearly takes pride in herself.

3. Sahar Tabar

In contrast to the other patients, Sahar Tabar isn't just addicted to the surgery. She was mesmerized by Angelina Jolie's on-screen persona. In order to achieve a look similar to Angelina Jolie's, she reportedly underwent 50 procedures.

She was a huge fan of Angelina Jolie's and would do anything to resemble her. As a result, the Iranian lady gained notoriety, but she was later imprisoned.

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