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Thick lady summer fashion ideas.

Do you have a double chin? It's okayokay. Do you have big arms that jiggle? That's okay too. Do you have a tummy with fupa? That's fine. Do you also have cellulite and stretch marks? You know what? All those things are perfectly normal. I personally advocate for body positivity be it that a woman is big boned, thin, short or tall. Society has too many issues to be tackling rather than body shaming female and policing women's bodies. In this life, we're only given one body and why should we feel constantly ashamed of it because of societal perceptions and judgement. Beauty is too complex to be boxed into just one category. Chubby is fabulous.

Check out these women who perfectly styled their big beautiful bodies.

1. This nude flowy dress in light fabric.

This maxi dress has an extraordinary design that can turn heads anytime. It makes her look like something straight out of a fantasy novel.

2. No flat tummy? Perfectly fine. Bodycon dresses also suit your body. A lot of women have stubborn belly fat because of weight and pregnancy... that fat is not to be hidden.

3. Intricate design dresses

These dresses look like normal dresses until you notice the immaculate yet simple detailing. They always stun people and make you appear like you have strong fashion sense.

4. Simple A-line dresses.

These flow around the hip region allowing you freedom of movement. 5. Plain bodycon dresses.

For the days you want to look neat, effortlessly beautiful and relaxed.

6. Formal dresses.

Formal dresses on thick women look incredible on big women despite them being included much in this particular dressing category.

7. Simple jeans and t-shirts.

Like the woman below, do not be afraid of cropping your t-shirt for a more fun look.

8. Classic little black dress.

Everyone should have a little black dress, these dresses fit into every occasion. Tell me where you can never wear this dress? Exactly!

Which one is your favorite? Don't forget to follow and share the article. Much love.

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