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Hair Care


Hair Health

Hair is part of us and is essential

Our hair is essential as much as our other values.As essential as is its a must to take care of your hair so that it nourishes and makes you beautiful and confident.

I do a lot of hair do's and I confidently rock my hair do's.I go from bald to afro and to plainted.Everyone has their own hair routine to taking care of their hair.I use rice water.

This is a technique I saw once on YouTube and decided to follow and to my advantage it's working wonders for me.I didn't become hesitant to trying it out and to this day I do not have any regrets on it.

Firstly I take a handful of rice,put in a bowl and pour water.I then rinse the rice till the water is white.Change the water and rinse again.I will rinse until the water no longer becomes white then pour in a jar.

I put in orange peels so that the smell will not be that terrible because the rice water smells like something is rotten.Seal the jar then let it rest for 24 hours or more.

After the 24 hours or more,take a spray bottle pour the rice water then spray your hair and comb it.Then put on a hair cap then stay for 30 minutes.After the 30 minutes wash your hair with hair shampoo then braid your hair.

Give your braiding two weeks before seeing the amazing hair results.Trust me they will make you happy too.Little mix Hair

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