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Skin Care

6 secret tips for acne scar prevention.

Acne is a chronic skin condition characterized by inflammation of the hair follicle; this leads to active lesions, blemishes and scars.

Acne causes a critical cosmetic problem. Learn more about the tips and treatments to remove acne blemishes and scars: Acne is the most common skin disease affecting people of all races and ages, although it is more common in adults and adolescents. 80% of people between the ages of 11 and 30 will have outbreaks at some point. 

Often times, people feel anxious and wonder how to remove acne scars for flawless skin. The big problem with acne is that it directly attacks the person's appearance and once it goes away, it leaves scars which, if not given the proper care, can become a real nuisance. The first thing you need to do is keep these little spots out of the sun as it can easily darken them.

 Using sunscreen (sunscreen) is very important to prevent this from happening. There are many effective facial scar removal procedures such as: B. the laser treatment of acne scars (fractional and pixel lasers); improves the general appearance of the skin, reduces blemishes, stimulates collagen and reduces the depth of scars. 

1. Platelet rich plasma biostimulation is another acne scar removal technology that helps the patient's blood improve elastin and collagen production and improve the healing process. Control severe acne in teenagers or adults. 

Platelet rich plasma supports the synthesis of collagen, the most damaged molecule of all scars. In atrophic acne scars, the dermis allows it to thicken and partially fill in the loss of substance through the depression. 

2. PRP is a natural substance that comes from the patient's own blood. Therefore, with other materials such as fillers, it is impossible for a foreign body rejection reaction to occur (this is now the exception). 

In addition, the technique is simpler than with fillers, since the PRP is injected using microfunctions in a grid pattern, so there is no possibility of a blood vessel being blocked. 

Also, the probability of injuring a nerve fiber or causing an infection is practically non-existent. In conclusion, although the probability of complications with the use of fillings is minimal, with PRP it is almost nil.

 3. Some lesions are prone to the application of hyaluronic acid fillers. The main advantages of using the action of hyaluronic acid lie in its immediate effect, its durability, its biocompatibility and its low allergenic potential. 

This molecule can fill in atrophic scars by providing an optimal volume of collagen synthesis that promotes collagen synthesis instantly and in the short term. 

4. IPL - treatment with a pulsed light beam removes skin imperfections and improves redness. Pulsed light attacks acne bacteria by reducing superinfection. This acne scar treatment is very helpful in curing active acne.

 5. Peeling: the use of medical peels is effective for active and healing acne. It makes cells renew themselves and softens blemishes and scars.

 6. Microdermabrasion: technique that promotes cell regeneration and, therefore, relieves blemishes and acne scars.

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