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The end is near: what would make any human being to want to look like this.

Your body is your temple they say, people make tattoos for a different reason they are those that have lost loved ones, and getting the face of that person makes them feel closer.

What a time to be alive, Meet Eva Tiamat the man who turned himself into a dragon using tattoos, piecing, and going as far as getting horns on her four heads.

Eva once had a normal job at the bank, but after she found out that he had an incurable disease, and he decided that she was not living her life the way she wants.

After I came across his pictures I have one ques, why would someone wake up and want to be a dragon I mean the pain of the tattoo

It is not only tattooed she has done but has also been to cosmetic surgery to hey the perfect look that she wants.

I must say that she looks scary especially his tongue that was cut to look like a snake's own. With her

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Eva Eva Tiamat


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