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OPINION | Reasons you can become a beautiful curvy woman: check here

There are no essential factors to be a great and stunning (tall) woman. they gave you your big curves; this hourglass shape !!

1. Design your center section.

If you have an abdomen, check it out: change the hourglass figures and influence the lust of this group of twisted women.

In case you have no waistline, choose a larger belted coat for the deception of 1, which is incredibly commendable.

2. Strive for high heels.

Effect focuses to make you taller, longer, and slimmer but will destroy you quickly, so grab your boots during the day and put your stilettos away at night if your feet torture you. Sensible Direction: High heels and a belted coat will instantly make anyone look slimmer.

3. Put your best assets.

Follow its curves. Jennifer Lopez has a commendable and impressive figure and understands how to do it, but the criticism: no two teenagers are the same twists and turns.

If you have a nice butt like Jens's, choose a dress that sticks in the right places to make it stand out.

Just when you have reliable 50's twists, cut your abs to make it stand out.

If you are tall, show your legs in shorts. The wonderful rule is to hide only the curves here and there but to plan them subtly.

. Show them.

All the hideous little animals within a three-mile radius are greedy for their keepers, and people can't resist looking at them. So, earn most of your fortune without going crazy you don't need to worry about others feeling deficient ... choose dresses with plunging necklines, open shirts, jackets, and coats with necklines.

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