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4 Uses of Sunlight Green Bar You Probably Didn't Know About

Many South Africans sunlight green bar so much, because its such a multi purpose product in our households and on top that, its very cheap to buy. The bar soap sells for like R7 in most retailers across the country.

4 Uses

01. Bathing

Well this obviously comes as no surprise at all because most people use this soap bar to bath their bodies on a daily basis.

02. Shining Pots

When pieces of sunlight soap bar are almost finished, don't throw them away, they are very valuable. Take them and put them inside a finished-yogurt container for a few days alongside a steel wool, pour in a little bit of water

After a few days have passed, use that mixture to wash your pots, they'll be shiny as hell.

03. Shine Up Aluminium Taps, Sinks and Shower Heads

First and foremost, you should dip a steel wool inside the water, then afterwards rub on the sunlight bar soap until it lathers.

Then begin scrubbing the aluminium fixtures until they're clean, wipe away excess water with a dry cloth.

04. Get Rid of Stubborn Stains

Don't spin your head when you get tomato sauce stain on your clothes after eating?....

Just pre-treat the tomato sauce stain with rub of the sunlight soap for 5 minutes, then afterwards you can wash the shirt, the won't see the stain.

As yall can see, sunlight bar soap is more than just a bar soap for bathing, it can be used to help us in many of our household chores. This explains why this soap bar has been the best selling soap bar for the last 10 years.

The company that produces sunlight is Unilever and because of covid-19 last year , they reported a loss, but of the many products that contributed to that loss, sunlight bar soap wasn't one of them.


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