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Beyond Belief| Female Soldier Who Bleached Her Skin Believes That Her Ancestors Still Recognizes Her

A Limpopo soldier decided to bleach her skin and she says she still believes her ancestors can still recognize her.

Skin lightening has become a fashion in Mzansi many men and women have decided not to change their skin through bleaching. The many celebrities who are known for doing bleaching include Khanyi Mbau, Sorisha Naidoo, and the late Mshoza. Now another lady from Limpopo has joined the trail of skin bleachers. Awelani Nemawhi a businesswoman and corporal in the SANDF has reverted to skin bleaching. Many women and men nowadays find those that are light-skinned more attractive than the browner individual, though the saying always says black is beautiful to some, it's not the case.

Nemaha told the media that she started the skin bleaching in 2019 and has since started her range of skin lighters. She said that she began by using the well-known brands but they provided to be not so effective, as she experienced skin problems. For this reason, the corporal decides to create her product. Her dream was to have skin like that of Michael Jackson, she is happy with her progress so far and she is patient with every step.

Nemaha revealed that skin lightening is a process and it doesn't happen quickly. She said that she grew up in Venda and had always idolized Michael Jackson and has always wanted to be like him, she is busy working towards her dream and she believes she will reach her goal and she is not prepared to give up yet. She also said people should know that she is doing this because she loves herself.

Changing from brown skin to light skin does not change the fact that she is still Awelani from Venda farms and she said her ancestors still recognize her. She urged people to love themselves enough to choose themselves. Pampering oneself is important and it's not about people but you as the individual. Her business is doing very well and she said that she appreciated the support.

A medical aesthetics practitioner Dr. Reza Mia told the media that skin bleaching is not safe at all and people do not know the side effects. Some of these products were never tested or they might not work at all. Once pigmentation is removed it means the skin has no protective layer and this increases the risk of sun damage.

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