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Meet The White Lady Who Changed Her Skin Colour & Body To That Of A Black Woman After Surgery.

Meet the white woman who underwent surgery and was able to transform her skin tone and body into that of a black woman.

Despite the fact that white people are considered to be more attractive than black people because of their skin color and physical appearance, which are distinct from that of a black man, black women are considered to be more attractive than white women.

For those who don't know who Martina Big is, she is a German woman who gained fame after having her skin and body altered to resemble that of a black woman. This shocked the eyes and ears of everyone who heard about it, considering that white women are considered to be the most beautiful race on the planet.

The 33-year-old German model was formerly employed as a flight attendant before deciding to leave her work in 2012 to pursue her dreams full-time. Martina Big had breast reconstruction and underwent cosmetic surgery on other parts of her body. When Martina Big used tanning injections to alter her skin tone from white to black in 2017, she was able to get the look she had always wanted.

Pastor Isaac Murage of Kenya performed the baptism of the female model in 2018 and described her as "a real African woman."

In Gichira, there is a Baptist church where Martina Big and Isaac Murage are photographed.

Martina Big's spouse, Michael Eurwen, has likewise undergone a skin-tone transformation.

After and before tanning injections, Martina Big and Michael Eurwen pose for a photograph.

The female model is now identifying as a black lady, and she has been to several African nations, including Kenya, to further her education.

You might assume this is simply a story being told, but it really happened, and it seems incredible that a white lady would like the skin color of a black woman and go to such lengths as to undergo treatments to have her complexion changed to that of a black woman.

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