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I guess makeup does not work for everyone: check her final touch that got people talking.

I love how you can see a difference by just applying eyebrows, some people don't love makeup and I believe that we all have choices, meaning we should judge others.

As much as they are people who love to go to the gym to do bodybuilding it's their choice, as a person that loves fashion and beauty when I see a post that talks about makeover I can not pass.

And most of the makeovers that I have seen always work, I once saw a lady who was deformed because of fire, and her makeover brought back her smile.

This means that makeup is not only about going out to look beautiful, but it also helps those who have permanent scars because they end up having low self-esteem.

Speaking of makeup I came across a video that was shared by a group that is all about black beauty and in it a beautiful girl is seen getting her makeup, and they are showing everything step by step at first I noticed how the eyebrow was drowned, but then I thought that people do things differently.

She added the concealer, foundation, and powder but people were disappointed by the final touch because they thought that the makeup artist played with the girl.

I kept on hoping that I was going to see something that will me smile I must say that I don't think the girl needs to make up because she is beautiful just the way she is and still looks young, so she can enjoy her natural color.

In this life, we always meet people who claim to know something while they know nothing the sad part is that people spend money on something that you are not happy about.

My advice before you get anyone's services is to make sure that you know someone that they have worked with and did a good job for.

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