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People who took creativity to another level

We know that in this life of today, one has to be creative to get by. We are also seeing that in fashion there is a lot of creativity which allows us to have countless designs of clothing. Some of those are not made from scratch. They are old-existing ideas that were made to come to life just like that. However, there are those people who go to the extreme of being creative. We know that creativity can not be limited to such an extent, but should be able to know when it is time to stop.

We have today in this article compiled for you pictures that will just leave you with more questions than answers. If you also have a car and you have been in any of these situations before, you might just think why did I not think about that first?

This picture of Jurassic Park takes the attention away from what is happening with the car. Whatever happened, it must have been hectic.

They just have to put whatever they can find so that it does not look empty.

Where ever the store they found those, they are now running out of stock.

This one is more creativity at its best.

When you know that Chuck Norris was around, there is no need to ask questions. That should answer your questions.

This is one quite an uncomfortable ride but it as long as it does the job. Move from point A to point B.

It nearly worked but then again, there wouldn't be any light coming out there.

The owner of this book must be frustrated wherever they are.

It looks likes it is moving along quite nicely, unexpected

You have to admit, this one takes the cup. As long as the car can close even if it is half, it is still accepted, until they come across law officials.

You have to make a plan. Where there is a will, there is a way.

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Jurassic Park


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