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World's most modified man shows what he looked like before tattoos and piercings

Rolf Buchholz, who is now 62 years old, just uploaded a photo that shows what he looked like 20 years ago, before he began making severe alterations to his body, such as getting tattooed eye balls and devil horns.

More than five hundred alterations have been made to Rolf Buchholz's physique.

A man who calls himself a "devil" and who has more than 500 bodily alterations, including an astounding 278 piercings on his genitals, has shown what he looked like before he underwent his metamorphosis.

The 62-year-old Rolf Buchholz now holds the Guinness World Record for having the most number of alterations made to his body, which is 516. These changes include having horns inserted to his forehead and having his tongue chopped in half.

According to the Daily Star, fresh photographs demonstrate that the German did not always appear to be the black-eyed "devil" covered in tattoos on 90 percent of his body that people are accustomed to seeing him as.

In one of the images that the computer scientist has posted, the man can be seen emerging from the water completely devoid of any body piercings that can be observed.

Because of the horns that are attached to his head, some people refer to him as the devil.

German Rolf has more body piercings than any other person on the face of the planet. In another image, he is shown wearing huge spectacles and having longer hair.

Friends of the Dortmund resident who knew him before he started going to the tattooist would have a hard time recognizing him now.

In the past, he has been quoted as having claimed, "A lot of people think I'm the devil, but I don't believe I am."

Rolf now holds the world records for both the most piercings (male) and the most body alterations. He is the happy owner of both of these championships (male).

This is not Rolf at all; he is unrecognizable in this photo.

They heard him say, " "The bodily alterations were where I got started because I was interested in them.

"Because I like them so much, I decided to do even more of them.

"One day, I met other record holders and saw that I had more piercings than them," she says, "and that's when I realized that I could break the record."

"Horn implants are perhaps the most well-known of all of my body alterations. They are very large in size.

In August of 2014, Rolf was a guest at a tattoo conference "Aside from that, as you can see, I have a number of implants on the arms and on the palms of my hands. I also have a star tattooed on the center of my chest.

"I was surprised to learn that I held a title in the Guinness World Records one day. It was a terrific experience to win the record since it is unique in its own way and I am really proud of what it represents.

I didn't do it to get my name in the record books. Yes, I did in the end get the record, but I was the one who made the changes for myself.

"The change appeals to me, and I think it's an improvement, therefore I implemented it."

Due to the severe nature of Rolf's appearance, he was previously refused entry into the UAE.

Body suspension is another one of Rolf's interests; in this practice, hooks are inserted under the skin to keep him in place.

He asserts that the activity does not cause him any discomfort whatsoever.

Even though he takes great pride in his appearance, the way he looks does get him in trouble with the law on occasion.

Because of his modifications and implants, he was not permitted to enter the United Arab Emirates in 2014 and was given an order to return to Germany as a consequence of his alterations.


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