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35 Photos of a man who wears skirts and heels to prove that they not only for women

The majority of people believe that clothing has "genders." Our society has come to the conclusion that some things are "appropriate" for a man or woman to wear, while others are not. However, some open-minded individuals believe that it is past time to remove gender stereotypes, particularly in clothes.

Mark Bryan is an American robotic engineer who currently resides in Germany. He goes about his daily existence like any other individual, except he defies gender preconceptions on a daily basis. When he goes to work, out on the town, or even at home, he almost always wears a skirt and heels. And, let's just say, he looks amazing while doing it.

The author shared what it's like to find feminine clothes that fit him: "I am 6’ tall and weigh around 165 lbs. I also have medium to small feet. I wear a size 8.5 US and 41 in Europe. I have a 29” waist so I wear a size 8 skirt in the US or a 38 in Europe. I also work out 2-3 times a week. So finding clothes my size is no problem."

He also described how people react to him. Mark said that women, usually around the age of 30 to 40, give him compliments. Men make comments or ask questions, but usually will not compliment his appearance.

"Consider someone with brilliant green hair. Green hair is uncommon. You glance up and see this person; your mind informs you it's a person with green hair; you say to yourself, "That's weird or fascinating," and then you go back to doing what you were doing. When people see me in a skirt and heels, I assume they think the same thing."

He also went into detail about how people react to him. Women around the age of 30 to 40, according to Mark, compliment him. Men may make remarks or inquire about his appearance, but they rarely compliment it.

"I do this for non-sexual reasons. Men can wear this style without being labeled as gay or queer. I don’t act like a sissy, which is one of the most frequent comments I get from men. They just assume I’m gay and a sissy until they start talking to me. I am just an average, normal, straight, and happily married guy. I love beautiful women, Porsche, and I just want to incorporate a skirt and heels into my daily wardrobe."

My old college girlfriend invited me to dance with her while we were both wearing heels. This went on for over a year. Walking and moving in heels became second nature to me. I've worn heels on and off over the years, but never with skirts. In the last five years, I've only started wearing heels with skirts. When asked how he decided to start wearing heels and skirts, Mark said, "It was suggested that I would look a lot better in a skirt and heels than jeans and heels."


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