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OPINION | Never Run Out of This Element in Your House (isibabuli)

What is isibabuli? "Isibabuli" is called a Sulphur in English. It is used for many things in African cultures. One of those things is to chase aways snakes and evil spirits in your household.

Sulphur is found in volcanic areas or areas with clay. This element has traditionally been a major source for human use. People use for literally anything even on baths, to stem and vomit.

Isibabuli is used to treat ringworm in the skin by applying it in the infected area. It is also used as a treatment for wounds and pimples. This yellow powder is known to make skin beautiful, clear and fresh.

It is mixed with vaseline for the best result to achieve those skin goals. Known to remove dark marks and fade/lighten stretch marks and scars.But definitely not suitable for people with sensitive skin.

This Element is one of the kind in such a way that many families always has in hidden and never run out, if they do they restock it quickly.

Apparently, isibabuli can be used to break a couple up, if interested you can search up more about that. One of the trending uses of isibabuli for women is that they eat it.

They eat isibabuli to clean their wombs and get hot down there. Many ladies on tiktok have confirmed to use it and they say it works wonders for them.


Content created and supplied by: Andrina.Ndaba (via Opera News )

African English Isibabuli Sulphur


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