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Opinion|| Why you should not wear this beautiful traditional outfits. Explanation

In South Africa, ancestral calling was once one of the most respected cultures and tradition. People who were called by ancestors to do the work of healing, prophetic work, development of medication and dream interpretation, respected their gifts and for the most times, people knew that the items they were are very sacred. This means that they cannot be worn by anyone at anytime except for those who are called to were them.

When a chosen person has to wear the beads and the cloth, they first have to go to an initiation school and then after, the right cloth is given to them by their Gobela, which is someone who initiated them into being a sangoma, prophet or more. These days this tradition is not followed. On a recent show on Moja Love called Dlozilam, the son of the family that had problems bought himself cloths and he wore them without going to the initiation school. Thembi the mediator told him that what he did is wrong and that he must take off the items.

Recently there has been designs of this traditional outfits that have been doing the rounds on social media. The designs are beautiful but this goes against tradition. The cloths are not supposed to be worn as a fashion statement or just on a regular by anyone. The cloths have to be respected. If the person designing the cloths is not a Gobela, a chosen one cannot buy them because the cloths need to be presented to the ancestors in a process called ukuphahla. This process is done by the Gobela.

There is lack of information and because being a sangoma is fashionable these days, people assume that it is okay to do this. African tradition is slowly loosing its meaning but hopefully the the article brought some light. What do you think about this? Comment below

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