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Celebrities who don 't know how to dress (opinion)

Shauwn Mkhize

She is one of the most successful females in south africa however I believe her fashion sense is not so successful. She can actually afford to buy any clothing item or get the best designers to design for her, however Shauwn has really failed to do so. She has even lost weight which allows you to dress whatever you like but she still gets it wrong. On the first picture she is wearing a dress made of beads, I believe the designer was trying to be creative but it looks a little bit scary. The hat however is good and would have been more nicer if the dress was made of the same design or pattern. In the second picture her shoes, bag and other accessories are good however the skirt and top are not a good match.

Annie Ludick

She is a cast on the real housewives of Durban and many viewers believe she is amongst those who can't dress. Her outfit for the reunion became a topic as many thought it wasn't great, people felt it was even small on the bra area. Some even felt her hairstyle was out of order.

Sorisha Naidoo

She is one of the kindest reality stars on the Real housewives of Durban. One of the highlights about her was when she showed us her closet, it was huge and had great items however through out the show Sorisha doesn't use some of those things. Most of the time she would be in jeans or boots and not wear those gorgeous clothings.

Vusi Nova

The musician changed his look including his hairstyle. After he posted wearing the first outfit, someone said he looks like a WWE superstar.


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