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Must have eye-catching accessories for winter

The following are some of the biggest and boldest winter trendy accessories that will give your look a stylish twist.

1 A chunky oversized scarf

This year scarves are different. You need to get yourself a bright and bold, long, chunky scarf. It will keep you warm and will be perfect for any event. It can be worn anyhow, you can wear it over your shoulders, use it as a belt or wrap it around your neck. There is no doubt that a scarf is timeless and will keep you warm and cosy throughout winter. To emphasise your weekend leggings look, it’s a must to drape your scarf over your shoulders.

Again, bright colours are in, so avoid being dull and boring this winter by opting only for the typical winter colours.

2 Large Sunnies

This season big sunglasses are in. Go for the thicker, bolder and bigger frames. Getting the latest sunnies is another way of adding a fun twist to your look.

Make sure that when you get yourself a new set of sunnies you do the smile test. If you smile and your sunglasses slip off your nose bridge you will know that they are too big for you. They need to fit comfortably on your face.

When it comes to the sunnies go for the black, brown or dark red colours, they fit perfectly with any winter outfit.

3 Thigh-high boots

Thigh-high boots are another classical fashion statement. This closet must have can be dressed up or down. Not only are these boots stylish but they can be worn with anything which makes them versatile. You can wear them with dresses, leggings, skirts and shorts. Whether you are going out with your friends or going on a date, you will definitely be making a bold fashion statement. If you are trying to get a sleek look, wear your thigh high boots with a black outfit and top it out with a beret.

Whether you go for suede or leather thigh high boots, it really doesn’t matter!

4 Oversized bag

This season, oversized bags have made a comeback and are in the spotlight. Carrying an extra-large clutch or spacious tote can change your whole look. If you are a busy mom this is a perfect statement piece. An oversized bag is perfect for comfort-meets-chic look of a T-shirt, jeans, necklace and sunglasses.

Don't be shy when it comes to colours, go for that yellow, red or even lime bag to add a bit of spunk to your look.

5 Bold beret

This season berets are in but brighter and bolder is the way to go. A beret adds an instant chic look to your outfit. Make sure you do not have any other extra accessories as the beret will be your main fashion statement. A sweater and jeans goes well with the beret for casual occasions, alternatively, wear a blazer on a night out. If you want to get that perfect Parisian look, pull one side of the beret down so that it is slightly slanted.

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