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Rich Mnisi has a new staff, take a look

Rich Mnisi is a young designer with a heart for the world of pop culture. Graduated from the Leaders in the Science with a BA in Fashion Design and Business Management, he founded his own brand OATH Studio in 2014.

He made his name not by designing but by price tag of his designs. Not many South Africans can afford to wear his designs but celebrities enjoy it because it is not for everyone but only those who have deep pockets.

The renowned designer says it's been 'creatively freeing' to turn his hand to crafting chandeliers and console tables for his ‘Nyoka’ exhibition. He is saying this after he announced that he's venturing on selling furniture.

Nyoka is a collection of bold furniture pieces, he won't be using rich Mnisi like om the clothes.

Mnisi used his initial forays into object design to explore notions of furniture, adding: ‘I had to shift my brain from thinking of furniture as this one thing that can only look a certain way. But obvious the cost will too high for ordinary citizens just like his clothes.


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