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"Glycerine" for what?? Try it today!

Glycerine has been around longer than anyone who's possibly reading this article. Many of us who were raised by our grandmother's know that glycerin was their go to product. I personally disliked glycerin whilst growing up because how my granny used to put in my relaxed hair and mess up the consistency.  

I also hated how much she would put on my face and I'd be sticky and sugary on my face. I particularly hated that while I was sticky and sugary on my face, there would sometimes be dust whilst I played. Then obviously the dust would get on my sticky face and now I'm a dusty, sticky little girl.  

Well obviously that was some of the mistakes of the older people and glycerin. Glycerin us actually very good. It is derived from animal and vegetable fats. It a pure white substance that is found in moisturizers and other cosmetics. 

Some companies say they use glycerine as a thickener, some use it as a preservative. There are literally so many uses of glycerine you'll be shocked to hear. Glycerine really does come in handy. Highly recommended.  

Amongst the benefits of using glycerin is that it:

Makes sure that the outer layer of your skin is nourished. 

Shield the skin of anything that might irritate it. 

Speeds up the healing process  

Right. Now that we know those benefits, you want to know the uses of glycerine, right? 

Here they are: 

1. Relieves constipation 

A lot of people struggle with constipation. This may be from lack of fibre in their diets or the fact that they don't drink enough water. Glycerine is defined as a humectant. Which means that it draws water from the low levels of the skin. In this case, glycerine draws water to your bowels in order for you to be able to pass stool.  

2. Hydrates skin. 

Because glycerine draws water from the outer layer of the skin, it makes sure that water is bought to the outer layer. So if you suffer from dry, dehydrated skin , get yourself a little bottle of glycerine. You can add to your moisturizer or you can put it on as is. 

3. Conditions hair. 

This is my favourite part, hair. When you grow natural hair you get frustrated easily. I had trouble with dry hair. So one of my friends recommended that I should try glycerine. Glycerine conditions hair, making it soft and supple. You can apply it once a week after washing your hair. 

4. Helps with dandruff

Because glycerine is a humectant, it brings water and moisture to the surface. In most instances dandruff is caused by dry, flaky scalp. So lather up on glycerine to help fight dandruff. Base your scalp with glycerine at least once a week. Your scalp will thank you for it. 


I hope this few tips and benefits will come in handy for you , your skin and your hair. Glycerine is really cheap and easy to find. So stock up on some and I guarantee you that it will be beneficial to you. 

Content created and supplied by: MasegoMoshodi (via Opera News )

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