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Just a reminder, it is traditional attire, see how beautiful our South African woman look: Opinion

I just thought with this article you need to be reminded the Importance of being South African, the importance of having the heritage month. Today it is that day we will remember our heritage as South Africans, as Africans. We are proudly Africans, we are proudly South Africans.

I have decided to post just a few pictures of our beautiful women looking hot in our South African traditional attires. As you can see we have got Xhosas, Zulus Pedi, Vendas, Ndebeles, Tshongas, Sothos, Tswanas and so much more. We just don't have beautiful attires, but even our women as they are representing the beauty of our cultures, they are also looking very beautiful in those attires.

We are not trying to nullify the importance of foreign languages, we are not trying to look down on the importance of foreign cultures, but it is good to let our own come first, it is good always to promote our own, before we can promote other people's cultures. Which means our languages must come first, our tradition should come first, our beliefs come first, so is our skin colour should come first.

It is not a matter of fighting against anyone, it is not a matter of racism, but is it just the way it is. The culture that we are trying to promote, they will never promote our own, you can never see a black Culture being promoted in Europe, you can never see a black culture being promoted in Asia, in Australia, or in America.

Our black culture just need to be promoted by us, because we are turning to forget our own culture, when we are busy promoting other people's cultures. If you look at our weddings, it is all English, many of the wedding that happens they are done in an english-style, they are even pastors that think English weddings are biblical, or holy. Yet it is just a misconception, and you also look at the arrangement of schooling, education system, it is all English. if you look at the way of serving a meal, is also an english-style. You look at how we set our tables, it is mostly an english-style. You look into our houses, you find nothing that represented us as black people. Everything that you see in our house is is english-style.

Our kids even try to to be eloquent with English first, before they are eloquent with their own language. You realise that there are certain kids in certain houses, they don't even know how to greet in vernacular, they just talk in English, when they are talking to their parents, to their visitors, to their elderly people, they just use English and their parents feel proud.

So this is not something that we as Africans should be proud of, our own culture. It shows how much we look down on ourselves, it shows a certain level of low self-esteem, and inferiority complex.

We think that when we speak English, we may be respected or we become people of high significance in the society. You don't need English to be significant in the society, all you need Is to remain true to yourself, is to promote your true self, is to promote what you have, the capability to speak English is good, it is praiseworthy, but it is a shame when we do that without being eloquent with our own languages, without being eloquent with our own culture.

It is high time that we bless our own culture, we promote our own culture, before we can elevate other people's cultures

We know where we going becomes we are aware of where we come from..we take pride of being Africans...we appreciate civilization,yet we remain Africans...I subscribe to a notion of African purpose is to help others find their purpose, more especially an African children

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