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If She Wears This Bra, This Is What It Means

Source: (What Your Favorite Bra Says About You)


Your bra is designed to support you through thick and thin (pun intended), so the one you reach for on a daily basis reveals a lot about your personality. Are you more of a lace corset girl or a T-shirt bra girl? There is a significant difference.

1. T-Shirt

One of your best qualities is your independence, which you demonstrate by going to a movie no one else wants to watch on your alone or volunteering to help people on the weekend, even if everyone else is doing something else.

2. Balconette

You have a magnetic personality and are constantly prepared to put yourself out there. From the first day of school to the last, you were a natural at making friends. You are unapologetically yourself and always attempt to express what you mean - lying is one of the worst things a person can commit, in your opinion.

3. Corset

Your desire and ambition know no limitations. Everyone thinks your achievements are effortless, but you work hard to achieve your objectives - you're simply good at concealing how much effort you put in.

4. Strapless

You're a risk-taker who enjoys exploring new hobbies and cuisines, but if given the option, you'll always choose a beautiful glass of champagne over any other alcoholic beverage. You're so laid-back that you get taken advantage of from time to time, yet you know how to defend yourself — or, better still, your loved ones — when necessary.

5. Push-Up

You have a strong personality, and people sometimes criticize you of being too vocal. However, one of the reasons your friends adore you is that you aren't scared to express yourself. Still, it's because of your fearlessness that you always seem to get ahead at work and are so good at meeting new people.

6. Multiway

You despise hearing other people whine because you prefer to solve problems on your own or keep your frustrations to yourself.

7. Sports

You're a busy lady, and one who knows what she's doing. You believe in being comfortable whether you're on your way to an important meeting at work, caring for your family, or learning a new pastime.

8. Full-Cup

You're a patient person, especially when it comes to your loved ones, but it still irritates you when individuals don't respect your time. Nonetheless, you're a wonderful person.

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