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If You Want a Lady to Love You, You Must Stop Wearing This 6 things Because Girls Hate Them- Opinion

People usually think that women care more about their looks than men do. But what most men don't know is that not caring about your looks can often make it hard for you to get together with other people. Some fashion mistakes can be forgiven, but others are so bad that we can't even try to fix them on our own, so we need to get help. To figure out what women don't like about men's clothes, we asked around. 

1. Sunglasses for sports activities 

There are a lot of different types of glasses, but sport sunglasses have the worst shape of all. In spite of what men think, there is nothing cool about them. They're just old and disgusting, and they don't even look good." 

2. Pants with a wide leg 

"If you wear wide-leg pants, you're not going to look good in them at all. They're just plain ugly. He doesn't have good taste and doesn't know what's in style now when you see him in jeans that don't fit." 

3) The suit doesn't fit. 

Some men find it very attractive when their clothes don't fit right. When they're swimming in their jacket, it just looks messy." A man in professional clothes who wears an off-the-shelf, untailored suit looks less polished than a man who just wears casual clothes, like jeans and a T-shirt. People who care about their job should also care about how they look and show that they pay attention to small things. 

4. Pointy or Square-toed dress shoes 

Designer: "Pointy or square-toed men's dress shoes are definitely out of style right now," he says. When men say they have a go-to item or silhouette, many of them are outdated and show a lack of style." 

5. A hefty belt 

"There is nothing nice about a belt that is very big, thick, or has a logo on it. Belts should be used for what they were made for, not as a fashion statement. To look good, everything a man wears should be functional rather than showy and obtrusive. Most of the things that a man buys that are more visible are not fashion trends, but rather fashion fads. Only for a few weeks or so until they lose their cool.

6) Short pen.


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