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Zozi still captured the hearts of many South Africans even after she was dethroned

people just don't wanna let go of Zozi, she just did it so big , she set the bar way too high I fear.

Also i think its gonna be tough for everyone that comes after Zozi that woman changed the game.

Zozi is like a the first wife who died on a honeymoon phase. There’s no one who’s ever going to live up to that expectation, and that’s my opinion.

Shudu’s run was similar to a lot of Miss SA winners. It wasn’t memorable and I don’t think there is anything wrong with admitting that. Prior to Zozi very few people were invested in Miss SA winners and what they were doing during their reign.

It's just an opinion. Zozi left huge shoes to fill, and Shudu just didn't win some people over, she didn't win a lot of South Africans heart given her number of followers on social media platforms.

However They lied and tried to cancel Shudufhadzo before Miss SA 2021 even announced the top 20 and when she won they bullied her and constantly compared her to Zozi, her entire reign she was ridiculed for this or that. Mara Mudzimu o Mushudufhadza naho zworalo

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