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Here Is How The Counterfeits Bathu Shoes Looks Like

South Africa is one of the free country. In other countries you cannot wear a Counterfeit and walk freely. The people who are creating this counterfeit are taking South Africa for granted. They make sure that they create each and everything. People are working so hard to create their own brands , then someone will create a fake foods using your brands. It is about high time South Africa take action about those people. Democracy has ruined the country because Nelson Mandela when he became the President of South Africa he said that South Africa is a free country. All the people from other countries they came to South Africa to stay here.

A lot of things are happening in South Africa and no one is willing to take an action. Mostly of those Somalian shops they sell fake foods. They will make sure that they create fake goods using your brand and sell it at lower cost. This is something that person have to endure when it comes to their businesses. What people should take note of is that mostly of those shops their goods are delivered by big trucks like other shops. Some of their goods like snacks you will only find them in their shops not in other supermarkets.

Bathu is one of the famous brand that has just started. The owner of it started from scratch and now he is going higher. They decided to create a counterfeit using his brand. They even went to an extent of selling it cheap. This shows that South African people we are on our own. South Africa has been taken for granted and there is absolutely nothing that we can do. Counterfeit goods has destroyed our beautiful Country. They came to South Africa to make money and they are winning.


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