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Skin Care

Tips On How To Look Good Without Makeup - Opinion

Make sure your skin is clean. Exfoliate three times a week and follow a regular skincare routine to keep your skin looking fresh. Depending on the routine you do, this will clear your pores and help with moisture.

Keep your dazzling whites as white as possible. Nothing puts a smile on your face like a set of white teeth. Brush your teeth twice a day and go to the dentist every six months. To clean up after meals, have some floss in your purse and use brighteners.

Keep yourself hydrated. Dry skin is not only irritating and irritating, but it also exposes you to sunburn and pimples. After your skincare process, apply a moisturiser to keep your skin moisturized for the rest of the day.

Apply sunscreen to your skin. Protect yourself from the sun at all times of the year, regardless of the season. To avoid peeling, use a sunscreen with an SPF of at least 30. Sunburn also hastens the aging process and causes hyperpigmentation.

Take care of yourself. That moustache and unibrow have to go! Your eyes will appear dull if your brows are bushy. A well-shaped brow is a low-cost facelift you can have every week. Less facial hair offers you a smoother appearance.

Make your lashes stand out by using a lash curler. Curl your lashes as much as possible to make them stand out. Another trick is to use petroleum jelly or oil as lash gel to keep them together and give them that moist look.

Lips that are cracked are a no-no. You should exfoliate your lips because they contain a lot of dead skin cells. For softer and healthier lips, gently exfoliate with your toothbrush or a sugar and olive oil exfoliator. Remember to use lip balm throughout the day.

Highlights from nature. Apply a light coating of petroleum jelly on your cheeks for a natural shine. If you use too much, you'll wind up looking glistening.

Accessories. Accessories have the power to create or break a look. Wear a beautiful set of studs for a clean and basic look, or mix it up with different styles of earrings to add interest to your look.

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