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She bought herself new sneakers but a lot of people were left unimpressed with the design.

Sneakers are ubiquitous in almost every context. Women are wearing them to work, to Wimbledon and even to weddings. They may be the perfect fashion item, a literal blank canvas that you can pair with almost anything, that also cultivates that effortless approach to getting dressed. As time passes by more designs of sneakers make their way in the market.

Not every design can be absolutely impressive, some are just made in a very weird manner and their designs are absolutely hilarious. A lady recently took to social media to show off her brand new sneakers. Her sneakers caught a lot of people's attention as she also laughed at herself as she showed them off. I mean, just by looking at them one can already receives alien vibes.

These Also left many people in stitches, would you mind owning a pair of these? Well let's find out from you. What do you think of this young lady's brand new sneakers? Share your thoughts by leaving a comment below, like and don't forget to hit the share button.

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