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Meet A Male Make Up Artist With No Hands And Legs, See How He Applies Make Up

Gabe, a young man born without hands or legs, was not amputated nor was he in an accident. He was born with hanhart syndrome, which causes undeveloped limbs. Because he has no limbs, this condition has curtailed his activities.

Despite without having a hand or legs, he is taking care of himself. The male make-up artist and motivational speaker is enjoying his best life. His family was first displeased with him wearing make-up, but they became accustomed to it with time.

He doesn't need make-up to be attractive, but he enjoys it since it boosts his confidence. Gabe has a large following on Instagram and Tiktok, where he posts often. He has a lot of excellent makeup instructional videos online that receive a lot of views.

Many are intrigued by the notion that a man without arms can apply immaculate cosmetics with his chin. He applies full face makeup in 30 minutes and it looks immaculate. You won't believe it if you see his images with makeup.

His parents are always there for him and don't mind his wearing makeup as long as he is happy and doing what he loves. Makeup makes him joyful and helps him express himself better. He used to apply makeup covertly at home, but it took him a long time to be brave enough to wear it out in public.

Gabe occasionally uploads makeup tutorials on his Instagram account, which his followers like. Take a peek at his make-up instruction below.

His shoulders and lips apply mascara, foundation, lipstick, and eyeliner. As you can see, he has perfected the art of utilizing his shoulders for this makeup instruction.

Many women can't even apply makeup on their faces, yet this young man does it brilliantly.

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