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Skin Care

How to look a decade younger

In this article, I am going to teach you to look younger than you are. No one wants to look older than their real age. We all want to look youthful. This is why women wear makeup. This is why many people do surgery. In this article, I compiled a list of things you need to do to remain youthful. All these things are free. Most of them are things you are already doing you just need to let go of.

1. Reduce your stress levels

Having too much stress in your body will make look much older than you are. By working on managing your stress, your cortisol levels will decrease and you will look much younger than your actual age. Cortisol is a stress hormone produced by your body when you are stressed. Stress doesn't only impact your appearance but it also impacts the quality of your life. Stressed people find it difficult to relax. By practicing daily meditation, yoga, and reading books, you will reduce your stress levels significantly.

2. Quit smoking

The reason why smokers live shorter lives is that they age quickly. Smoking negatively impacts every organ in the body including your skin. Not only do smokers look older but they also feel older because smokers have diseases that are associated with older people. Smoking causes heart disease, lung cancer and can also impact your sex life. Most smokers smoke because they believe that it reduces stress. Smoking doesn't reduce stress. It does the opposite. You may feel a bit relaxed as you are smoking but then after few minutes your thoughts are racing and you need a fix. What smoking doesn't is it increases cortisol in your body making look decades older? This is why smokers have more wrinkles on their faces than nonsmokers.

3. Reduce alcohol

Moderate drinking is good. It has been proven to be beneficial for your heart. I'm not saying you should start drinking alcohol to have healthy heart nonsmokers are more healthy. The problem with alcohol is when you overdo it. Binge drinking will dehydrate your skin. It will also impact the quality of your sleep making you have bags under your eyes and sagging skin.

4. Get more sleep

Getting enough sleep will have a huge impact on your appearance. Good sleep will make you feel more energetic the following day and your skin will be more refreshed. An appropriate amount of sleep is subjective. Some sleep for six hours and feel refreshed. I sleep 7 to 8 hours to look my best

Now it's time to hear from you. What are other ways to look a decade younger? Please leave a comment below.

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