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15 Unusual Uses For Toothpaste

There are few things money can fix, for everything else there is toothpaste! Yes, toothpaste is the mother of all hacks. If you think toothpaste is only meant for cleaning teeth, you are wrong. Take some time to read 15 amazing ways to put toothpaste to work other than just for brushing teeth.

1.A Quick Silver Polisher

Are silver jewelry or other silver items of yours look dull? Rub them with a little toothpaste, and there you go! Your silver stuff will shine like it is brand new! This little toothpaste trick saves time and money, right?

2.Instant Pain Killer

Have you been stung by a bee? Apply a small amount of paste on the affected area for instant pain relief. Toothpaste also relieves pain from small burns. Next time when you run out of pain relieving creams, try tooth paste.

3.Erases Water Rings on Tables

Do not we all hate those little water rings on furniture that spoil the look? Now, remove them in a flash using nothing but toothpaste. Apply a small amount of toothpaste on water rings, and rub them off with a moist cloth. Use only low abrasive toothpaste to clean furniture.

4.A Surprise Acne Remedy

The internet will show 1000 other confusing ways to treat acne, but not toothpaste. Surprisingly, toothpaste works like a charm to treat those occasional pimples that pop up just a day before your prom or date night.

5.Remove Mobile Screen Scratches

Did you know that toothpaste is quite capable of removing those little irritating scratches on your phone? Rub the scratched area on the phone with very small amount of toothpaste, and clear it off with a moist cloth! Scratch gone, and game on!

6.A Carpet Stain Remover

Forget about those pricey carpet cleaners or carpet cleaning services. Take the stain off the carpet and make it brand new, using just toothpaste, nothing more. Rub the stained area with a generous amount of toothpaste, and let the foam soak in for a minute or two. Now wash the carpet or rinse the stained area with clean water.

7.Why not Wash Hands?

Turn your toothpaste into hand wash when you run out of real hand wash! Toothpaste can be used as hand wash for instant freshness and great scent. It works better than real hand wash particularly when it comes to removing pungent smells from hands after cutting onions or garlic.

8.Clean Water Bottles Nicely

Get rid of that old or plastic odor from your drinking bottles, milk bottles or flasks by cleaning them with toothpaste. Fill the bottle with some warm water and drop a small amount of toothpaste inside. Shake the bottle vigorously until the toothpaste foams. Rinse the foam off with clean water.

9.Removes Stains from Clothes Better than Detergents

Toothpaste nicely removes stains and marks on most types of clothes. Apply a small amount of toothpaste on the stain/mark, and gently rub it for a minute. Leave the stain soaked in foam for a couple of minutes before rinsing it off with water. Toothpaste is a little harsh, so never use it on delicate fabrics.

10.Fixes a Scratched Disc (CD or DVD)

If your CD or DVD disc is scratched, rub some toothpaste on it and wipe it clean with a moist cloth. Your CD/DVD player will now smoothly read your disc. Remember, never put a wet disc inside a player. Ensure the toothpaste cleaned disc is free from wetness.

11.Cleans Car Headlights

Use toothpaste to clean your car’s foggy headlights. Drop some toothpaste on a wet cloth to clean the headlight lens for a couple of minutes. Splash clean the lens with water. Surprise! Your car headlights are new again.

12.A Professional Sink Cleaner

Why buy a sink cleaner when you have toothpaste? Apply a generous amount of toothpaste in all corners of the sink, and clean it with a sink brush. In addition to being clean, your sink also smells good when cleaned with toothpaste.

13.Yes, a Good Toilet Cleaner too

Toothpaste works like a charm even for cleaning the toilet. If you are too bored with regular toilet cleaners, try toothpaste this time to see how good it is, particularly the fresh smell. Do not let your toothpaste fall inside the toilet, if you are to use it for again for brushing teeth.

14.Removes Permanent Marker Scribblings

Permanent markers are permanent until you give them a taste of toothpaste. Easily erase permanent marker from wooden furniture and flooring by rubbing the stained area with toothpaste.

15.Can Whiten up Old and Dirty Shoes

Use toothpaste to remove that dirty yellowish tint on your shoe’s white sole. Gently rub shoe sole with toothpaste, and rinse/clean with water. You shoes are now new and shining. Why buy a new pair of shoes when you have toothpaste.

Content created and supplied by: phutigerald (via Opera News )


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